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Spring is at the doorstep

Knock, Knock! Spring is at the doorstep. The season of life, joy, and fertility is here to spread the colors.  The eerie sadness in the air, brought by winter, is gone. Now, the air is filled with a rosy scent and a pinky aura. The life has returned to Savana, the hibernation period is over in the arctic and birds are ready to migrate. This turn of tide has not only affected the animal kingdom, but humans are also equally delighted. Our ancestors especially used to revere this season as well. Humans are still in awe of the colors of Spring and welcome it with great joy.

Humans and jewelry

Humans have always expressed joy with festivities and adorn themselves with colorful clothes and jewelry. Spring has a special connection to jewelry since like jewelry it is equally precious to humans. The warmth and gleam of jewelry perfectly complement the vibrancy in the air. The moderate climate makes every piece of ornament go-fit with any costume. Doesn't matter if you are a fan of necklaces, pendants, rings, bracelets… you name it! Spring is here to broaden your choices! Go with the rosy ruby or bluish sapphire, all would perfectly balance with this season of colors.

Natural stones & their positive effects

Natural stones can also have an additional positive effect on your mood and health. For thousands of years, humans have associated special effects with gemstones. Wearing the right stone can dramatically improve your mood and psychological state. It makes sense when we consider some facts. All stones are made up of atoms that are constantly vibrating. Our body is made up of molecules which in turn are composed of atoms. So, when the frequency of two vibrations matches, resonance occurs with a maximum flow of energy to the body. Moreover, wearing rings on specific fingers exerts stress on special pressure points, which affects body hormones. So, wear the right stone on the right finger and get glamour, health, and mood elevation all in one package.

Spring with Tresor

Tresor features;
  1. Blue Sapphire, Moonstone And Diamond Earrings In 18k YG with 8.30 cts blue sapphire wt., 17.25 cts moonstone wt. &.50 cts diamond wt.
  2. Blue Sapphire, White Sapphire And Pearl Flower Ring In 18k Yellow Gold with 22.87 cts total weight for sapphires & 7.44 cts total weight for pearls.
  3. Blue Sapphire And Rainbow Moonstone Triple Row Bangle Bracelet Set In 18k Yellow Gold with 48.53 cts gemstone wt. which are perfectly suitable for an everyday timeless look as well as they can be worn for a statement party wear.