Social Butterfly

Glam on the 'Gram.

Colorful, Carefree, and Lively. You radiate a positive energy that instantly attract people. With a Facebook timeline filled with priceless memories and Instagram shining with sparkly updates, you are the ultimate Style influencer for your followers.
Your enviable walk-in closet is stocked with looks straight from the runway, and heirloom pieces from Chanel. You love velvet, silk and leather—and no heel is too high for your towering tastes. Whether on the Riviera or watching your beloved tennis at the US Open, you are never afraid to put on a fabulous piece of jewelry– think diamonds for daytime and huge pearl-tipped sunnies at night. You always fly private to your favorite destinations on the social circuit— from Palm Beach to Verbier to your Parisian pied-a-terre. You’re perfectly coiffed and ever ready for some drama.

18K Rose Gold Morganite and Diamond Ring

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You're a material girl and belle of the ball. You love your Sofia necklace, worn with everything from denim to designer dresses.
You mingle with royalty, and your infectious warmth and billion-dollar smile light up the palace. Your gorgeous place is often packed with celebrities, artists, and eccentric aristocrats who all come for your signature martinis and stay for your Southern charm. At home, you’re often in silk pajamas or a beaded caftan. Your wardrobe reflects a worldly point of view, veiled in diamonds. Even though you’re over the top, you’re never vulgar; your closet and jewelry box are major in every way but you know just how to style yourself.