3 Ways to Style you 36 Inch Long Necklace

3 Ways to Style you 36 Inch Long Necklace

Did you ever think about how you wear your jewelry? At some point it may seem worthless but you don’t want to ruin your whole outfit by wearing something that may be a misfit. Especially when it comes to wearing long necklaces. How about a 36 inch long necklace? Now that’s tough to handle.

Here are three ways to style your 36-inch-long necklaces...

1. Necklace that match your other accessories

To look good you need to make sure all accessories match your outfit. For example a long necklace does not go well with crop tops or t-shirts. A 36 inch long necklace fits with a dress or high cut shirts. High cut shirts are the perfect backdrop for a long necklace. High necks, high-low silhouettes, and high collars give you a nicely proportioned look when paired with a long 36 inch dangling necklace. This necklace may also go well with high neck sweaters. It adds an extra color to a simple sweater. Keep your dress simple with a heavy 36 inch long necklace

2. Keep your dress simple with a heavy 36 inch long necklace

While long necklaces might work with some long dresses or oversized sweaters, a good was look different is to avoid long necklaces with heavy clothing. It can give one the look of drowning in their clothes at worst, and just look a little off at best. Simple dresses are better contrasted with longer necklaces, which is why long necklaces work best with multiple pieces such as tank tops and jeans, skirts and open tops, shirts, or blouses, or and so on. If you are planning on wearing a long dress, try sticking with short necklaces that come to rest below the clavicle or just above the chest for a look that really works.

3. Layer up your 36 inch long necklace

A great way to wear long necklaces is to layer them. The layering looks nice on both casual and formal outfits, and always adds a little extra dazzle to your look. You can have a number of long necklaces along with your 36 inch long necklace. This can be more suitable for formal wear or wearing at weddings. You need to keep your dress simple and heavy jewelry.

People who do not wear necklaces can not commit. But a necklace does something really magical to your look. It calls attention towards you. Your face, your heart, your body, and it says more than you can say with just clothes. Shop your 36-inch-necklaces now. Shop Now.