& Heritage.

Our Legacy of Fine Luxury Jewels Lives On.

Our Heritage

Tresor blossoms from generations of Jewelry tradition. Born 18 Generations ago in the Royal Courts of Jaipur, the legacy of luxurious and beautiful jewels carry on in the talented and creative hands of Puja Bordia.

After decades of tradition in Gemology, and artisan workmanship, we have achieved a Craftsmanship parallel to no other. From the quality of our gemstones, to the surgical precision of our craft, we have perfected the most intricate details in our Jewelry design.

Our collection is a magnificent celebration of beauty in all its elements, aimed to satisfy the most dynamic of desires, and a hallmark of when art meets perfection.

The Beauty Behind the Brand
Puja Bordia

Hailing from a Family who for 18 Generations served as the Royal Family of India’s Jaipur Kingdom, Puja Bordia has an ostentatious amount of passion and love for designing jewelry. She has designed intricate and beautiful pieces inspired by contemporary art & architecture, while at the same time keeping the tradition, and amazing craftsmanship of 18 Generations alive. Each piece is a representation of rich culture, and unique story of evolution of how jewelry inspires the world; a paradoxical mix of the old and the new.

Our Pride

Intricate Craftsmanship

Having a heritage of 19 generation of Exquisite Jewelry making, Tresor incorporates the principles and craftsmanship into statement pieces. We believe in that each piece is a story that is an expression of yourself and your style. And hence, each piece transcends time trickling with stories of love, care, and happiness. All this packaged in a Magnificent & Fabulous piece of Jewelry.

Each Piece Tells a Story

Tresor is not just another jewelry piece to hide away in your closet. It’s your personal style statement, an expression of yourself, and an extension of your personality. The color and bling of the stones inspire in you the creativity and zest to reach out and achieve your dreams. Tresor is a promise from you to yourself, that you’d treasure yourself forever, and stop at nothing to get what you want.

Our Inspiration Comes From You

Bold, Confident, Independent & Self-assured, Tresor Women are a picture of Empowerment. Classic & unique, yet so chicly timeless in her manner, she is the star of the room she is in. It’s not Just Jewelry, it’s a personal statement to her. It’s the Glamour she wears at the meetings, and the Dazzle she adorns at the parties. Fashion Savvy, and trendsetter, she knows how to get her sparkle on.

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