Aquamarine - The Love of March

Blogpost : Aquamarines for March

Name Origin

Aquamarine gets its name from the Latin word for seawater, and ancient sailors believed the gem would calm the waves and shield sailors at sea.


For over two centuries, the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais has been a significant source of aquamarine. Aquamarine can also be found in Pakistan's Karakoram foothills. Aquamarine has also been discovered in China, Myanmar, Russia, and Ukraine, among other locations.

Color Scheme

The gorgeous color is reminiscent of the sea and ranges from pale to deep blue. Aquamarine is the birthstone for March, and it looks fantastic in spring and summer cabinets.

Resemblance to Turquoise

Aquamarine has a strong ability to express a good sense of balance to turquoise, but the energy effects are somewhat different.

Properties in terms of energy

This March birthstone should bring happiness to the marriage as well. In war and court, it will shield the wearer from enemies. It was also thought to make the wearer invincible and lovable, as well as relaxing the mind. It has a light blue color that reminds us of the Mediterranean. Aquamarine is said to bring bravery, triumph, and trust to the wearer.

Aquamarine is more durable and less brittle than emerald, another well-known beryl variety. This March birthstone has a Mohs hardness of 7.5-8, making it ideal for daily use. The moon is energetically dominant in aquamarine, which is combined with yin or female energy. Aquamarine has a powerful capacity to transfer, preserve, purify your energy, facilitate emotional healing, and deepen meditative states due to its flowing, calm energy.


Aquamarine's energy:

  1. Relaxes mind
  2. Heals emotional trauma 
  3. Calms soul, body and mind 
  4. It helps in speaking the truth. 
  5. Relives stress 
  6. It helps to give clear intentions.
  7. It helps to get suppressed emotions.
  8. Calms anger and conflict
  9. Strengths psychic abilities

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