How Wearing Jewelry Can Boost Your Confidence

How Wearing Jewelry Can Boost Your Confidence


We’ve often experienced shyness and nervousness while meeting new people, going to new places, or simply attending a casual social event. And although a sudden rush of overwhelm is common, you are often left blank on how to start a conversation? Or dominate a meeting? Or simply have a successful date? And there may be a lot of ways to boost your confidence, but jewelry is one which is subtle but effective.


The secret link between jewelry and confidence

How so? Jewelry allows you to change yourself at a moment’s notice. Certain accessories only fit certain moods. Sometimes whether consciously or unconsciously a certain piece of jewelry may brighten your mood as soon as you put it on. Some jewelry that brings about self-assurance.

Depends on who you chose to be for the day. If you want to be a sharp, or an intelligent professional with a simplistic gold bracelet? An arty wild child with playful interchangeable charms? A lady with a mysterious side supporting a contemporary signature style? Any one of a million personalities can be expressed through jewelry.

Jewelry also is a great conversation starter. A valuable and beautiful piece of jewelry can grab attention of others and get a conversation going. Signature looks and statement jewelry is great for that. And the least, it gives an instantaneous boost to your self-image and confidence.

This has been proven over centuries. From Cleopatra to Queen Elizabeth to the Royals families all over the world, jewelry has been an important aspect of the world’s culture. From rare gemstones to eccentric jewelry, all had a purpose attached to be worn. But how do you pick the best jewelry piece to boost your confidence?

Picking jewelry that will boost your confidence:

1. Personal:

Picking the jewelry that you have somewhat of an emotional or meaningful attachment to is quite necessary. You will feel more power and a significant boost in your confidence if you feel the jewelry piece is personal to you. Wearing symbolic jewelry is a great way to make yourself feel more confident. Simply wearing something that a loved one has given you can be enough to make you feel more positive.

2. Trendy:

There is something new that you see every day. But it is crucial to select something that you would be comfortable wearing. If you are not comfortable with today’s, it’s probably not for you. Pick jewelry that is more comfortable and closer to your style and personality. Pick pieces that you like and are naturally drawn to.

3. Match your looks:

While picking the perfect jewelry for you. You should keep in mind your outfit or attire for the event. Whether you are wearing your hair up or down. And what is the overall vibe you are going for? E.g. If you are wearing a close round neck, you may go for earrings instead of a necklace. A V-neck better supports a pendant, and statement earrings look best if you wear your hair up.

All in all, let your jewelry be an expressive part of your personality, so that you can cherish and treasure the little things about you. Find a confidence-boosting jewelry piece for you, here at Tresor. Sign up to our Newsletter to get free shipping.