In Trend; Stackable Rings

In Trend; Stackable Rings

Rings are the subtle but beautiful accessories to your style. Where on one hand wedding rings commemorate bonding of two individuals, on the other fashion rings are more personal. They compliment your look, style, and even manicures, and can be worn in many ways. With stackable rings the ultimate trend, here are 3 tips to stack your rings:

1. Mix and match metals:

You have to match your colors according to your outfits. Be colorful and expressive through different metals and colors. Yellow gold, rose gold, or white gold is every classy lady look. But when you have decided to mix and match make sure you only have two metals to get more foolproof chic attire. Pick a dominant color, and then incorporate 2-3 pieces of your second metal color throughout your stack.

2. Leave one finger bare:

Less is more, and although some may ignore that by going all out with rings. But if you want the elegant ring stack you must leave one finger bare. Leaving at least one bare finger creates a balanced look, instead of an overwhelming one. You have to look just enough with your outfit.

3. Vary the weights and shape:

To create an attractive visual of your hands you have to cohesively decide your weights and shapes of the rings.  Thick, wide, unique or even eternity band you name it! You just have to be sure that if you adorn a statement ring, then the rest of your rings may remain relatively simple. No competition in this sister! So, balance out your weight and shapes of the rings.

4. Finish off with Gold

Stackable rings are considered to be an ongoing trend. No stack of rings is complete without a few gold bands. They are affordable and good for an everyday look as well.

These styles are essential for a perfect ring stack. Always keep yourself up beat with the new trends of ring stacks, since they always look stunning and beautiful.