Layer Your Necklaces with Tresor's Tourmalines

Layer Your Necklaces with Tresor's Tourmalines


The 2021 jewelry trend that is here to stay in 2022 is layered necklaces. Some have lovingly named this trend “neck-mess” because you have a mess of necklaces on! We love this trend and think that it is so fun with so many ways to make your “neck-mess” unique to you! 

There are so many ways to wear this trend.  You can keep it simple or make it playful or a little bit of both! What is so fun about this trend is that there is no wrong way to layer necklaces. Far from being a fad, necklace stacks are timeless style staples. But which layering necklaces would be best for you? 

Do not worry, though - we have gotten you covered! To help you create the perfect necklace stacks for any occasion. 



Instead of layering several eye-catching designs, pick Tresor’s tourmaline necklace to take stage and build the entire stack around it. That is an effortless way to ensure your necklace combination will not look busy and, instead, it will make an elegant and stylish statement. 


Layered necklaces give the same oomph as a statement necklace, but with a lighter, more casual vibe. But, unlike a statement necklace, it is not a one and done. Meaning you cannot just throw the necklace on and go. The layered look seems more effortless, but in fact, takes more effort to make it look right. Ironic, huh?? Fill up the space with some 18" and 16" luxuries.


Pay attention to how the forms interact when adding pendants of various shapes. A simple approach to get around this is to layer a pendant with a chain necklace. Making the chain more of a choker by draping the pendant down long, or keeping the pendant a file with the boulder chain. Or take a longer necklace and drape it twice to get a layered look.

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