Meet Your Jewelry Match

Meet Your Jewelry Match

Humans have enduring patterns of ideas, feelings, and behavior that set them apart from one another which are recognize as personality. The manifestation of one’s personality can be in the form of both verbal and non-verbal behavior. In the world of social media, non-verbal expression takes precedence, and your physical appearance becomes an important manifestation of your personality. Your clothes, shoes, jewelry all become a part of exhibiting your traits. Let’s look at some jewelry and help you find the perfect match to your personality. 

Outgoing and Party Loving: 
Gregarious, assertive, warm, active, excitement-seeking, and positive are just some words used to describe your personality type. You gain energy by spending time with other people, have a diverse and wide social circle, tend to think out loud and love being the center of attention. You will never go unnoticed with our beautiful range of minimal layered necklaces. The small stones paired with a long chain will earn you lots of compliments for sure! 

Bold and Elegant: 
Whether you are worn up or down, your style always exudes sophistication and makes you look put together and majestic. You can come across as unapproachable because of your perfection, but as people get to know you, they find you to be endearing and lovable. You like to make a statement while looking suave. Dip into our elegant diamond and emerald collection and you will find your perfect match. Exuding a sense of affluency, these pieces will stay timeless just like you! 

Serene and Nature Loving: 
Nature lovers are awestruck by the natural world's mysteries and profoundly value its beauty. You value the daily blessings that other people take for granted and are able to see the sacred in the commonplace and have an eye for the smallest of details. You typically are conscious of the depth of experience and value complexity, intricacy, and wholeness. These traits make you the perfect match for our beautiful turquoise florals. The intricate and delicate metalwork mixed with the deep crystal makes you harmonize with the nature! 

Introvert and Shy: 
If you feel more at ease concentrating on your own thoughts and ideas rather than paying attention to what is happening around you then you are part of this personality type. You are often described as reflective, self-aware, comfortable in your own skin and lost in your own world. While you don’t like too much attention, you love understated but beautiful things like you. That is why instead of going for colorful gemstones, you keep it simple by wearing the classic gold and diamond style. Simple yet elegant! 

Or look for the perfect jewelry for you from Tresor's catalogue. Take a look at our styles in our 2022 Lookbook here.