Tourmaline: October's Birthstone

Tourmaline: October's Birthstone

As the alternate birthstone for October, Tourmaline is well known for its grounding properties and for offering safety and harmony to the energy field. Modern practitioners utilize it to treat stress and trauma and also advise it for adrenal issues.

Meaning and History:
In the sixteenth century, Dutch traders found the stone for the first time off the West Coast of Italy. Tourmaline gets its name from the Sinhalese word "turmali," which at the time was used to refer to all colored crystals on the island of Sri Lanka.

Resemblance to Ruby:
Although enjoying a pinker tint compared to rubies, red and pink tourmaline bear a close resemblance to Ruby and have been repeatedly mistaken as the crimson stone. The similarity is so close that the Russian crown jewels that have been considered as Rubies for centuries, have turned out to be Tourmalines.

Shades of Tourmaline:
Tourmaline is a highly valued stone that is available in a variety of hues. The properties of the stone differ on the basis of the color. Let us have a closer look.

  1. Green Tourmaline: Green tourmaline is well known for generating a wall of safety against harmful energy. Use green tourmaline to ground oneself, alleviate stress, and troubled thinking.
  2. Purple Tourmaline: Purple tourmaline can enhance creativity and intuition by having a unique affinity for the third eye chakra. You can even utilize it to get rid of outside entities that have gotten entangled in someone else's energy field.
  3. Pink Tourmaline: The heart is associated with pink tourmaline. It's a fantastic stone for enhancing one's ability to love oneself and to feel secure and open to receiving love from others.
  4. Yellow Tourmaline: The solar plexus chakra is associated with yellow tourmaline, which is utilized to increase personal power.
  5. Watermelon Tourmaline: The distinctive color of this form of tourmaline—a pink center surrounded by green—gives it its name. Watermelon tourmaline is related to the heart chakra in a manner similar to pink tourmaline. Due to the fact that it may be utilized to entice passion and love into one's life, it is very beneficial when it comes to partnerships.

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